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What is Sodexo?

Cleaning and other types of house-help services are subsidised by the Belgium government, and in other to use them every client needs to use service vouchers system provided by Sodexo, where each voucher is one hour of service.

These vouchers are know as titre-service (in French) or dienstencheques (in Dutch).

A voucher that cost 10€, its partially tax deductible and it’s an easy way to pay for the service.

This voucher system was created to increase employability in Belgium and to cut down on worker exploitation and illegal labor. Every business allowed to use these service vouchers, including InPlace, must guarantee a fair salary, paid holidays, social security, accident insurance, sick leaves and more to the housekeeper.

If you don't have a Sodexo account yet, check out our article to get started.

Updated on: 11/02/2023

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