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SODEXO refunds

If you tried to top up your account with SODEXO but got a refund instead, something clearly went wrong and your account still hasn't been charged.

Generally, the following are the most common reasons why SODEXO would reject your transfer:
Not respecting the minimum number of service vouchers per order (either 10 vouchers or €100)
You have already used up your annual authorised service voucher order quota, the structured communication doesn't match the one you received after registering your SODEXO account
Lastly, the amount you paid is not a multiple of €100, so the excess is automatically returned to you. Let's say you tried to transfer €107 - the €7 extra will be refunded to you, leaving your order at a total of €100 for 10 service vouchers.

Updated on: 11/02/2023

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