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How to create a Sodexo account

If you would like to have a cleaner and enjoy the advantages of Belgium's service vouchers system you need to create your account at Sodexo here

Fill in your e-mail address and have your eID card and reader at hand. It's possible to proceed without it but the account validation might take a few days ☹️

Once logged in, you will have to fill in your account details and chose what kind of format of vouchers you would like to receive.

It's important if you want to work with InPlace as your service provider to choose electronic, since we don't work with paper vouchers.

Once that's done, you should receive briefly a confirmation e-mail like below.

It's important to write down the information of bank account number in order to top your Sodexo account and the structured communication number to use, on step 2.

Your account is now validated and you're ready to order and use titres-services! 🎉

Updated on: 12/02/2023

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