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How much is a service voucher?

What is the price of a service voucher?

How much is a titre-service? Well, it's between 10 and 12 €, not including the tax deduction. But here's something to smile about: in the Brussels-Capital Region, you get €1.50 off for the first 163 service vouchers you purchase each year! 🤑

For the single user, you can order a maximum of 500 service vouchers annually and the prices are as follows:
10 € for the first 300
12 € for the next 200

And if you're buying service vouchers as a household, then you can order up to 1000 in one calendar year and you'll shell out:
10 € for the first 800
12 € for the next 200
And regardless of who orders them, the same rate applies!

Even cheaper after the tax deduction!

Is your main address (as registered in the Population Register) located in the Brussels-Capital Region? As a “simple” user or as a household, you benefit from a tax reduction of €1.50/service voucher on your first 163 service vouchers. Instead of €10 each, you will therefore only pay €8.50 for them in the end!

The price of a service voucher changed on January 1, 2023: find all the information here

Updated on: 12/02/2023

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